Third Online Working Meeting

On Friday 2020/12/10, the Third Online Working Meeting of the partners of the University-industry educational Centre in advanced Biomedical and Medical Informatics (CeBMI) project No. 612462-EPP-1-2019-1-SK-EPPKA2-KA was organized. This meeting was a continuation of the Second Online Working Meeting from Wednesday 2020/06/17.

During the meeting:

  • template for  annual reports was specified (WP 2);
  • current managerial and financial questions were discussed (WP 2);
  • recommended templates of teaching materials developed within teaching modules were proposed (WP 3);
  • an alpha version of the CeBMI portal was presented and continuous testing of its functionalities by all partners was started (WP 3);
  • titles of the teaching modules that will be available in the CeBMI portal were slightly modified (WP 3);
  • types of the teaching materials that will be available in the CeBMI portal were defined (WP 3);
  • discussion about pilot classes on BMI for master students of Faculty of Management Science and Informatics was conducted (WP 4);
  • the organization of online guest lectures started (WP 4);
  • the first version of the quantitative and qualitative quality indexes was discussed (WP 5);
  • the results of the first self-evaluation of the CeBMI project were presented and discussed (WP 6);
  • dissemination of the project using various social networks started (WP 7).

Updated list of teaching modules that are under development together with the leading organization:

  • AI to Support Decision Making (Leeds Beckett University, UK);
  • Data Mining (University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Italy);
  • Educational Software in Virtual Reality (Bioanim, Slovenia);
  • Health Information Systems, eHealth and Telemedicine (University of Oulu, Finland);
  • Image and Signal Processing (Peter L. Reichertz Institute of Medical Informatics, Germany);
  • Medical Background, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics (University of Valencia, Spain);
  • Medical Simulation (Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain);
  • Reliability, Safety and Security (University of Zilina, Slovakia).

Types of teaching materials that will be available in the CeBMI portal will depend on a specific teaching module and will include:

  • lecture: presentation;
  • lecture: comments;
  • lecture: list of questions;
  • lecture: video;
  • practical class: list of tasks;
  • practical class: comments to tasks;
  • practical class: video tutorial.