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About Project

The aim of the project, which is being addressed by a consortium of 13 institutions from 9 EU countries within the Knowledge Alliances (Erasmus+ K2), is to support the educational process and develop courses addressing current progress in Biomedical and Medical Informatics (BMI). Within the project, a centre in advanced BMI will be developed. The centre will use new innovative cloud-based technology to support the creation and delivery of new courses in BMI, which is a very dynamic field undergoing rapid evolution and centrally featured in health reforms across Europe. The courses will be offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to address a wide spectrum of core competency requirements in the field of BMI. The centre will provide an invigorating environment for the cooperation of technical and medical universities and enterprises in BMI that will provide a pool of supplementary expertise, skills, and competences in this area. Both universities and enterprises’ contemporaneous participation in the project fosters a new trend of integrated medicine and IT educational provision relevant for the definition of an emerging innovative BMI-related professional profile that is well sought after by enterprises. The centre in BMI will be open to other non-consortium partners that would like to be involved in cooperative activities helping to ensure the project’s impact and sustainability.

Initialization of Centre BMI

The principal goal of this work package is elicitation of requirements and their...

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Management of the project

This work package encompasses the financial, administrative, contractual, and ethical components during the...

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Building of the Centre BMI

Within this work package, web portal of the BMI Centre will be developed...

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Capacity building

This work package includes activities for comprehensive training in the relevant theoretical, analytical...

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Quality Control and Monitoring

The goal of this work package is to ensure quality control and monitoring....

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Analysis of the project efficiency

Within this work package, it is planned to carry out review of project...

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The following educational institutions, organizations and enterprises from 9 European Union countries are involved in the implementation of the project: